Below is the abridged schedule for the two days. You can find the detailed session schedule here.

You can download the schedule as a PDF here

Location: Room 207, Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University, 3041 Broadway (between 120th and 122nd).
Friday: Symposium (9:00AM-12:00PM), Conference (2:00PM-5:30PM), Reception (5:30 – 7:30 PM)
Saturday: Conference (9:00AM-12:30PM), Workshops (2:00PM-5:00PM)


Public Forum (9:00AM-12:00PM), open to the public (please register here)

8:30AM – Breakfast and coffee
9:00AM – Greetings (Professor John Mutter)
9:10AM – Opening comments (Dean Merit Janow)
9:40AM – Alumni & Current Students Presentations
List of talks (by alphabetical order):


Jesse Anttila-Hughes, University of San-Francisco
“The Infant Health Burden of the Global Tropics”

Belinda Archibong, Barnard College
“Investigating the Origins and Effects of Persistent Inequality”

Prabaht Barnwal, Michigan State University
“Fixing energy subsidies”

Ram Fishman, Tel-Aviv University
“The Quest for Sustainable Use of Water”

Gordon McCord, University of California San Diego
“Fertilizing Growth: Agricultural Inputs and their Effects in Economic Development”

James Rising, University of California Berkeley
“Understanding the Future of Water in America”

Anna Tompsett, Stockholm University
“The Lazarus Drug: The Impact of Expansion of Access to Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV/AIDS on Economic Growth”

Current Students:

Aaron Baum
“Organizing the rural poor”

Pablo Egaña del Sol
“Emotions and the Development of Human Capital”

Eyal Frank
“Biodiversity Losses and Their Impacts on Our Daily Lives”

Stephanie Lackner
“Shaking up how social scientists think about earthquakes”

Steffen Merte
“Extreme Weather Events in a Changing Climate: There Are Only Losers, No Winners”


12:00PM – Remarks and closing (Professor Jeff Sachs)
12:30PM – Lunch

Research Conference (2:00PM-5:30PM), open to all registered attendees (by invitation)

2:00PM – Research Papers – Session I: Development
3:00PM – Research Papers – Session II: Resources & Conservation
4:00PM – Coffee break
4:30PM – Research Papers – Session III: Climate
5:30PM – Adjourn

5:30PM – 7:30PM – Evening Reception


Research Conference (9:00AM-12:30PM), open to all registered attendees (by invitation)

8:30AM – Breakfast and coffee
9:00AM – Research Papers – Session IV: Systems
10:00AM – Research Papers – Session V: Health
11:00AM – Break
11:15AM – Session VI: Policy & Implementation

12:30PM – Lunch

Discussion Workshops (2:00PM-5:00PM), open to Sustainable Development alumni and students

2:00PM – Workshop I
3:15PM – Coffee break
3:45PM – Speed Talks
5:00PM – Adjourn