Friday, April 1st
2:00PM – Session I: Development
Moderator: Aly Sanoh
Anthony D’Agostino 
“Technology Adoption and Structural Transformation: Long-Run Effects of India’s Green Revolution” 12m
Ram Fishman
“Do Agricultural interventions in Developing Countries have Sustainable Impacts? Evidence from a Randomized Phase-out of the BRAC seed Program in Uganda” 12m
Gordon McCord
“Fertilizing Growth: Agricultural Inputs and their Effects in Economic Development” 12m
Prabhat Barnwal (with Alexander van Geen, Jan von der Goltz, and Chander Kumar Singh)
“Cost-sharing in environmental health products: evidence from arsenic testing of drinking-water wells in Bihar, India” 12m
Aaron Baum
“Credit demand and collusion among risk sharing groups under formal insurance” 12m
3:00PM – Session II: Resources & Conservation 
Moderator: Anna Tompsett
Elena Esposito
“Side Effects of Immunities: the African Slave Trade” 15m
Anja Tolonen
“Extractive Industries, Production Shocks and Criminality: Evidence from a Middle-Income Country” 15m
Elisabeth Isaksen (with Mehdi Benatiya Andaloussi)
“The environmental and distributional consequences of emission markets. Evidence from the Clean Air Interstate Rule ” 15m
Chandra Kiran (with Andrew Zaeske)
“Water rights allocations, trade and social welfare: An exploration of linkages” 15m
4:30PM – Session III: Climate 
Moderator: Marta Vicarelli
Belinda Archibong (with Francis Annan)
“Are Multinational Oil Companies Outsourcing Pollution?: On Carbon Leakage and Gas Flaring Policy” 12m
Mehdi Benatiya Andaloussi (with Wolfram Schlenker)
“The Geography of Extreme Heat in the USA: Assessment of CMIP5 Models over the twentieth century” 12m
Solomon Hsiang (with Francis Ludlow)
“No Adaptation to Climate During One Millennium of Irish History” 12m
Gang He
“Decarbonizing China’s Power Sector: Potential, Prospects, and Policy” 12m
Marta Vicarelli
Closing remarks and brief discussion, 12m


Saturday, April 2nd
9:00AM – Session IV: Systems 
Moderator: Ram Fishman
James Rising
“Probabilistic projections of potential humanitarian response needs” 15m
Eyal Frank
“Wind Turbines, Bats, and Farmers: Using White Nose Syndrome to Estimate the Ecosystem Externality of an Expanding Wind Energy Sector” 15m
Ling Teh
“The influence of culture and policy on individual cooperation in environmental problems” 15m
Pablo Egana del Sol
“Affective Neuroscience Meets Labor Economics: Measuring Non-Cognitive skills on Late Stage Investment on at-Risk Youth” 15m
10:00AM – Session V: Health 
Moderator: Gordon McCord
Steffen Merte
Estimating Heat Wave-Related Mortality in Europe” 10m
Hannah Nissan
“Building the case for action: heat wave resilience in Bangladesh” 10m
Jesse K. Anttila-Hughes
“The infant health burden of the global tropics” 10m
Amir Jina (with Jesse Anttila-Hughes and Miriam Marlier)
“Infant Mortality and Fertility Effects of Particulate Matter in Developing Countries: Evidence from 1,500,000 births” 10m
Janet Currie
TBA 20m
11:15AM – Session VI: Policy & Implementation 
Moderator: Anisa Khadem Nwachuku
Eugenie Dugoua
“The role of innovation in solving the ozone crisis” 10m
Anna Tompsett
“The Lazarus Drug: The impact of expansion of access to antiretroviral therapy for HIV/AIDS on economic growth” 10m
Claude Henry
“Einstein’s rule for innovative sustainable development” 20m
Bob Fullilove
“Making the case for scholarship-activism” 20m